Managing Designers When You Aren’t One

When you create for a living, so much of yourself is embedded into the work. Managing creatives is to hold someone’s essence in your hands. You need to handle it with great care by showing respect and understanding what their work means to them.

Leadership Product Storytelling

Activity: Explaining product leadership to teens

A simple activity that can help anyone understand the role of product manager. All you need is post-its and pens.


Sharing Latest Best Practices at eKickStart

When HCDC reached out to Cerkl looking for a speaker for their eKickStart, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show some research our bright Cerkl interns had just finished, along with some hard-won best practices.

Web Development

Sharing the WordPress love at WordCamp

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to share some lessons learned over years of WordPress website building at WordCamp Cincinnati.