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Sharing the WordPress love at WordCamp

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to share some lessons learned over years of WordPress website building at WordCamp Cincinnati.

I’ve loved WordPress for many years but this was my first ever WordCamp experience. When I submitted my idea, “How to turn your WP love into a certified side hustle,” I was nervous that I wouldn’t be chosen and even more nervous that I would.

I was scheduled for the final session of the day so I knew I had to bring my energy. We’ve all been there…by the end of a long day of learning you are toast.

How to turn your WP love into a certified side hustle

The 40 or so people who arrived were excited and eager to learn. Once I saw their interested, energetic faces, my nerves disappeared. It was on.

We did a self-discovery exercise, talked about the logistics of client-side web development and I shared a few stories from my journey.

How to turn your WP love into a certified side hustle.


I appreciate the folks who spent their afternoon with me. It was awesome. And I’d like to give a shout out to the WordCamp Cincinnati people – you organized and executed a fantastic event. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it.