Hi, I’m Rachel

I am a Cincinnati-based digital media leader who loves to solve problems and grow people.

I’ve built my career by focusing on the user. I believe in great, responsive design, capitalizing on organizational stories, the power of video and speedy content creation.

I’ve been running websites and social media accounts since before business pages were invented. I am experienced, tested and fun to work with (so I am told).

I’ve been working in digital for 10+ years, so I bring a wide variety of experience in content creation, marketing and webmastery to the table.

In my free time, I enjoy reading and reviewing very important and unimportant books.

“Rachel is someone that can get problems solved quickly and successfully. She is very easy to get along with and is one of the hardest workers I know. Rachel is someone that people look to for guidance and she graciously helps where help is needed. She is a natural leader and it shows. She is … Continue reading Amber Kite, Digital Content Director WAFB, Raycom colleague

Amber Kite, Digital Content Director WAFB, Raycom colleague

“Rachel is inquisitive, collaborative and technologically savvy. Those are three of the must-have qualities for anyone working as an Internet Content Director. In her current role Rachel’s world literally changes week by week and she’s always up for the challenge. Oh, did I forget to mention she has a very pleasant personality? That helps too … Continue reading Bill Seitzler, Media Consultant Smith-Geiger

Bill Seitzler, Media Consultant Smith-Geiger

“Working with Rachel at 14WFIE has been a great experience. There have been times that I’ll be working on a project that has to be up on the web and I run into a problem. When I go to her, most people would and could say no it can’t be done, but she finds a … Continue reading Brandon Ridge, Marketing Director at 14News

Brandon Ridge, Marketing Director at 14News

“Rachel is a star. She is a hard worker, a strong manager and a tireless innovator. Rachel has shown exceptional skill in her job as the Internet Content Director at 14 News. She’s also easy to work with and gets along with her co-workers. In her time at 14 News, she’s found unique ways to … Continue reading CJ Hoyt, former News Director at 14News

CJ Hoyt, former News Director at 14News

“Rachel is sharp, focused and creative. Her design and content styles are refreshing and always have the end user in mind. Rachel’s passion for striving for the best is contagious. I greatly enjoyed working with Rachel and would jump at the chance to partner with her again.”

Cyndi Haren, former Campbell County Public Library PR Coordinator

“Rachel is fast, efficient, and highly skilled. Rachel is also pleasant, personable and has a great sense of humor. She is always there when you need advice and her knowledge and intelligence come in helpful in every aspect of the operation, not just in her particular area. I rely on her advice in many, many … Continue reading Dave Anderson, Branch Manager, Campbell County Public Library

Dave Anderson, Branch Manager, Campbell County Public Library