Rachel Folz

People, product, and process pro.

What’s the story?

I started my career on the precipice of the mobile news revolution – creating content, launching apps, and inventing new experiences for consumers who were online more than ever.

Then I took my digital bag of tricks to the nonprofit sector and got a beloved library’s digital presence up to date with a new site, an app, and a reinvigorated social media strategy.

But then the private sector called with a new challenge – becoming the first marketing hire for a start-up. That start-up, Cerkl, has grown exponentially since my hire in 2016, and in 2018, I was asked to establish and lead the company’s first-ever Product department.

In Product, I found my calling – solving big problems, leading creatives, and listening to the customers. Under my leadership, our product has grown from a small, regional email comms tool into a futuristic and empathy-built, multi-channel communications suite loved by Fortune 500 communicators.


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