Rachel Folz

People, product, and process pro.

Dear Hulu, you should know me better

Dear Hulu,

We’ve been together a long time. Three homes, two cities and one baby later, you are still my #1 fav for streaming programming. I found you early, while working in local news and fell in love with your platform. There were some rough spots, of course; bad user experience, questionable programming choices, but I stood with you. Sure, I date around a bit with HBO Now and Netflix, but not once have they held the top spot on my Roku. I love you.

So why is it, dear Hulu, that you can seem to get your ad engine right? It’s like you don’t know me at all and it’s breaking my heart.

You rarely serve me ads that are specific to my needs. I crave movie and book trailers, new beauty products, new shows to watch, box subscription services, nonprofit outreach but instead, I get ads for the Honda Fit, terrible action shows, and baby gear. Well Hulu, you should know that I have a Honda Fit and my baby is 7-years-old. At the very least you should know that I like comedies and high-minded dramas.

You see, I work at a software company that specializes in email and web personalization, so I am biased and very in tune with this discrepancy. This isn’t a sales pitch…rather a call to arms. Using machine learning, you shouldn’t have any trouble isolating who I am and what I am into. You should be able to deliver great experiences and quality conversions to your advertisers.

Love, Rachel, TV Lover and Personalization Enthusiast