Overcoming the Head Shot Haunting

So, I did a weird thing today. Not weird by the standards of people who sling detox teas on Instagram, but weird by my standards.

I got up, put a face on, and met a photographer and got photos taken of just me.

Not of my family, my dog, my kid. Not of a house I was trying to sell. Me.

I have never loved a head shot. As a marketer and unofficial work mom, I am the wrangler of these things. I spend “Head Shot Day” smoothing hair, calming nerves, and stroking egos.

By the time it’s my turn, I have nothing left to give. My hair is flat, my face is shiny, and my smile never quite reaches my eyes. But I let my shot pass inspection, not wanting to be a diva or a pain to the long-suffering photographer. It’s good enough, right? But that moment of putting myself last haunts me all year.

I dutifully post the new head shot all the places my face should go and I hate it.  When I am asked to share a head shot for a speaking engagement, I flinch. Is it the shiny face or the flat hair? Nope. I am a grown woman and my waters run way deeper than that.

Each time I see it, I am reminded of how I forget to expect as much from others as I do myself. I am reminded that I should always take three minutes to ask for better. I am reminded that sometimes I forget to let my light shine.

I made it a priority to enter the new year and my new position with Cerkl with a set of photos that I’d be proud to share. Something that represents the person I am, in and out of the office. So this morning, I did just that. I spent 30 minutes just on me and that investment will pay dividends all this year.

Each time I open my folder of pictures to select the right one to send, I will be reminded of how good it felt to treat myself well and how proud I am of my work. It’s going to be an awesome year.

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