CJ Hoyt, former News Director at 14News

“Rachel is a star. She is a hard worker, a strong manager and a tireless innovator. Rachel has shown exceptional skill in her job as the Internet Content Director at 14 News. She’s also easy to work with and gets along with her co-workers. In her time at 14 News, she’s found unique ways to grow audiences both online and on mobile apps. She is someone I would highly recommend to anyone.”

Kaiya Kinley-Barrett, former Digital Content Producer at FOX19

“Rachel not only has a vast knowledge of digital but, she possesses leadership skills that I admire. With Rachel as my manager, I was able to grow the page views and content of the FOX19 Community websites by leaps and bounds. It also helps that Rachel is so easy to get along with and a fun person to work with.”

Elise Tapp-Phillips, former Campbell County Public Library HR Manager

“I had the pleasure of working with Rachel while working at the Campbell County Public Library. Rachel did wonders for our social media optimization. She created and implemented an innovative strategy that patrons not only loved but went out of their way to rave about. Rachel developed customization of information patrons would see on their social media feeds and so much more. Rachel’s talents were recognized immediately and she was always a contributing member of the management team”

Amber Kite, Digital Content Director WAFB, Raycom colleague

“Rachel is someone that can get problems solved quickly and successfully. She is very easy to get along with and is one of the hardest workers I know. Rachel is someone that people look to for guidance and she graciously helps where help is needed. She is a natural leader and it shows. She is also a “go-to” person in Raycom; if she can’t answer a question, she knows who can. She is a fantastic person and one of my favorites!”

Dave Anderson, Branch Manager, Campbell County Public Library

“Rachel is fast, efficient, and highly skilled. Rachel is also pleasant, personable and has a great sense of humor. She is always there when you need advice and her knowledge and intelligence come in helpful in every aspect of the operation, not just in her particular area. I rely on her advice in many, many ways and it is always spot on.”

Cyndi Haren, former Campbell County Public Library PR Coordinator

“Rachel is sharp, focused and creative. Her design and content styles are refreshing and always have the end user in mind. Rachel’s passion for striving for the best is contagious. I greatly enjoyed working with Rachel and would jump at the chance to partner with her again.”

McKenna Kaser, Intern, Cerkl

“I had the pleasure of working for Rachel during my internship with Cerkl this past fall. Rachel not only shined as a leader but her strategic teaching methods also allowed me to improve with my marketing and lead generation work. She helped paved the way for me to be successful at Cerkl and truly enjoys helping others reach their fullest potential. I’m so happy I got the chance to work with Rachel and know she will be a powerful force behind Cerkl’s future growth.”