Barry Williams, Assistant Brand Manager at Gorilla Glue

Rachel is one of the rare people I’ve had the privilege of working with who can both create big ideas and execute with excellence.

During our time working together, I was able to be both a direct report of Rachel’s and serve as executive leadership alongside her. From this vantage point, I was able to see that she leads with empathy and helps those working alongside her grow and excel.

There are many instances I could cite to demonstrate Rachel’s abilities but I’ll limit myself to one. Given the needs of a rapidly growing company in the middle of a pivot to an enterprise model, Rachel created the role of Director of Product alongside Cerkl’s CEO. She quickly identified the needs of our clients & company, translated those needs into detailed plans, and delivered new functionality and processes that helped the company save literally years in it’s growth.

It can’t be stressed enough that the company would not be where it is today without Rachel Folz.

Madeline Martini, Customer Marketing at Built-in

Rachel is a rockstar marketer and creator with a get-it-done attitude. During my time at Cerkl, she led teams with passion, purpose, and organization – which can be challenging in a startup environment. Rachel has a high attention to detail and a knack for working with creatives. She understands her weaknesses and strengths but takes it a step further than most. She shares her strengths through mentoring and creates learning opportunities for her teammates. During my time at Cerkl, she helped groom my writing skills and public speaking abilities. She accepts her weaknesses and created a culture of open feedback. Rachel would be an asset on any team that is looking for an impactful driver and change leader.

Miranda Cocca, Intern at Cerkl

It was a joy to work with Rachel throughout my internship at Cerkl. She is a diligent worker and understands how to manage her time efficiently in an ever-changing startup environment. Not only is Rachel a strong leader, but she is genuine in her interactions with those around her. What truly stood out to me was her personal acts of kindness, and holiday gifts, throughout my time at Cerkl which made me feel valuable and part of the team. 

Brandon Ridge, Marketing Director at 14News

Working with Rachel at 14WFIE has been a great experience. There have been times that I’ll be working on a project that has to be up on the web and I run into a problem. When I go to her, most people would and could say no it can’t be done, but she finds a way for it happen. She’s an extremely hard worker who has completely transformed our website into a powerhouse of local news.

Natalie Yarbor, Editor & Producer CNN, former employee

“Simply put, Rachel Folz is fantastic at what she does. She has a wide skill set, and if she doesn’t know how to do something, she makes it a point to learn. She works to stay current on the latest technology and find ways to integrate it into her work. Rachel has excellent communication skills and knows how to effectively share her ideas. Finally, Rachel’s ability to keep a cool head under pressure and work to find solutions to problems rather than panic about them makes are a great person to work for and with.”

Debbie Bush, Vice President and General Manager FOX19

“You would be lucky to have Rachel on your staff at any television station. She gets things done. She understand the latest technology. She is a great communicator. She anticipates problems and reacts before they become issues. And, she makes her bosses look smart. What more can you ask for?”

Bill Seitzler, Media Consultant Smith-Geiger

“Rachel is inquisitive, collaborative and technologically savvy. Those are three of the must-have qualities for anyone working as an Internet Content Director. In her current role Rachel’s world literally changes week by week and she’s always up for the challenge. Oh, did I forget to mention she has a very pleasant personality? That helps too when you are dealing with so much change!”